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No, Thank You was created with a fundamental belief about humankind: that gender, race and sexuality should never divide us.

That’s why our range of skincare products are made with love and care for… everybody. Radical, right?


We believe passionately that, deep down, there is truly so little that divides people. And even on the surface, our skin doesn’t make us different—it’s what makes us all the same.

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Think of someone you love. Picture their face. How are they feeling? Isn’t it amazing that you can tell what kind of day it’s been in just one glance. For whatever face you have to show the world today, our moisturizing oil replenishes your skin, repairing damage from UV and boosting your natural glow. Use it as often as you like, as a little extra help to welcome all the different emotions and expressions you need to communicate every day. see product
You might have noticed, we’re brimming over with positive energy. It’s grounded in our conviction to speak up for what we believe on our journey to create a world where everybody can feel great about being themselves. You might also have noticed our rather unusual name. It reminds us how to say No, Thank You to things that no longer serve us. read more

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